JJPTR官網死灰復燃 快速致富夢有望重生?

2017年05月29日     7,913     檢舉

(檳城29日訊)JJPTR官網死灰復燃,快速致富夢有望重生? 快速致富集團JJPTR解救普通人陷入困境,創辦人李宗聖落網助查。連帶JJPTR官網日前在毫無預警的情況下關閉,讓投資者擔心不已。星期天晚上卻出現「神跡」,大家都誤以為完蛋的JJPTR官網,又重新啟動了,不過僅剩兩項功能選擇讓獲得授權者使用,不對外開放。








Investors able to access JJPTR website again


GEORGE TOWN: The JJPTR money game company’s official website is accessible again after being shut down for several days.

A check by The Star revealed that www.jjptr.com, which was reported to have been down since last Tuesday, was accessible to its investors again yesterday.

Other than the 「register」 and 「log in」 options, there was a line which read, 「Site detail(s) is restricted to authorised user only. We are currently having meetings with international IBs (introduce brokers) prior to new system launching, in approximately 3 days.」

However, it is not known what the new system is all about.


There was also a list of the current agent ID numbers for all the countries and regions where JJPTR investors are from, namely Australia, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Canada, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

An investor, when contacted yesterday, said he could now access his JJPTR account again.

「All my investment information is still there,」 said the man, who declined to be named.

Meanwhile, a JJPTR employee said he had not heard from JJPTR founder Johnson Lee since earlier this month.